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How Many Times Can You Get Trigger Point Injections?

The doctor injects into the back of a girl to a patient to treat diseases of the spine and relax the muscles of the back. Trigger point injections can help minimize pain radiating from knotted muscles or the connected tissue. These painful knots form when your muscles are too tense to relax and can leave you constantly feeling stiff and sore.

Often called trigger points, loosening muscle knots can be difficult. Rubbing can provide temporary relief, but you still have a limited range of motion. Trigger point injections can help relieve pain, so you can start moving again. The combination of a local anesthetic and steroid compound can provide maximum relief and aid healing. Most physicians recommend one injection every eight weeks for six months for maximum pain relief.

How often do you need trigger point injections? How often you need the injections depends on your level of pain and medical condition. Sometimes, a trigger point only requires one injection for the pain to subside. Other trigger points are the result of a chronic condition and may require an ongoing treatment plan with weekly injections.

Is there a limit to the number of trigger point injections I can get? Trigger point injections contain a steroid that can have severe side effects. The injections are only used in pain management during healing or as part of a treatment plan for a chronic condition. The injections are only given repeatedly according to medical guidance. For severe pain management, a maximum of six trigger point injections is recommended. However, not all trigger point injections contain steroids. Trigger point injections consisting only of a local anesthetic can be given more often.

How long do trigger point injections last? On average, pain relief from a trigger point injection lasts around 30 days. The severity of the injury or condition can affect how long the medication lasts. How often you get the injection can also affect how long you go without pain. Your physician will help you work out an effective treatment plan.

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